Arctic Fox RVs

When you purchase an Arctic Fox RV you are purchasing Absolute Northwood Quality!  Northwood Manufacturing has a commitment to quality, strength, and durability.

Pick a desired model below to learn more about the Classic and Silver Fox series travel trailers and the Grande Ronde fifth wheels.

Northwood Arctic Fox Roof Truss System

The Northwood Bonded Roof Truss System bonds all the components of the roof structure together as a unit.  The ceiling, trusses and roof plywood are unified in a bonded system that gives superior load distribution and maximum load bearing capacity.  Top quality exterior grade plywood panels are bonded to the trusses and a thick one piece roofing membrane is then applied for a durable, long lasting seal to protect your and your coach from the elements.

Northwood Built Certified Arctic Fox Chassis

Northwood is one of the few manufacturers that build their own chassis.  Their heavy duty structural steel off-road chassis is known throughout the industry for its quality and they certify theirs through an independent testing laboratory for quality assurance.

Arctic Fox Custom Built Face Frame Cabinets

Arctic Fox cabinetry with solid wood doors is built using residential face frame construction methods and integrated with the the wall and ceiling making it beautiful and strong.

  • Solid wood cabinet doors ensure lasting beauty and strength
  • Face frame construction gives your cabinets “high end” residential quality
  • Structurally integrated cabinetry is anchored to the walls and ceiling structure of our coaches making both the RV and the cabinets stronger

Acrtic Fox RV’s are True Four Season Units

Northwood builds true 4-season coaches.  Their fully insulated holding tank area circulates warm air around the suspended tanks providing the best protection from freezing.  Their knife valves are also enclosed to keep them from freezing.  Their 4-Season coaches are insulated with various types of residential quality Rigid Foam, batten and reflective foil insulation to protect you from the winter cold and summer heat.